Monday, January 23, 2017

Communist Art Auction

Artwork from Hungary’s communist era is to be auctioned off to raise funds for those affected by October’s toxic sludge spillage. The “useless” art has been held in basements and storage rooms of Hungarian government buildings since 1990. All the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Catholic charity Caritas.

Via The BBC.


Stolen Degas Painting to Be Sent Home to France

An Edgar Degas painting stolen nearly 30 years ago from a museum in France will be returned by the US government, which recovered the rare artwork shortly before it was to be sold at auction.

Via Yahoo News.


Women Are Not Objects

Art, commentary, or vandalism? The Andy Warhol Museum’s billboard advertisement featuring, who else, Marilyn Monroe, has been vandalized. What would Andy say?


Clancco at NADA Art Fair 2010

Greetings from Miami. We’ve finally found some time for a quick post on the NADA Art Fair opening. Just opened over an hour ago, and people are trailing in. I even bought my first piece, a signed Thurston Moore print. The champagne and coffee is flowing, and the sun is shining!

Here are some pics below of the fair, our booth, and a few other booths we captured on image during a quick preview. Stay tuned on our Twitter feed and here for more posts on the NADA fair.

Karla Ostolaza and Sharmyn Cruz of The Fractal just dropped by, as did art lawyer Peter Stern, The Art Street Journal’s Elisa Carmichael, and Clancco Rose Bowl Biennale artist Jason Brinkerhoff. Stay tuned; lots more to come!

Some NADA press here, and here. We’ve sold six drawings by John Lee, so good start so far. Also, check out Jordan Nassar and Elisa Freudenreich over at Pool Gallery: great photos!

NADA Art Fair 2010

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British Artist’s Print Causes Controversy

The day of jester art.

British artist Mark Sinckler has decided to irk the delicate sensibilities of Londoners. Sinckler has created a silkscreen print depicting the wreckage of a bus destroyed in the now infamous July 7, 2005 attacks in London (image above).

Now Sinckler has the media and relatives of the bombing victims up in arms. It probably doesn’t help that Sinckler is selling the prints, for a paltry $239.

Via CBC.


Protest at the Tate Modern

Chinese artist Cai Yuan breached the Tate Modern’s security to walk on Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds installation, wearing a T-shirt drawing attention to the difficulty of being an artist.

According to The Telegraph, “Yuan, 54, who lives in Oxford and moved to the UK 27 years ago, wore a T-shirt which read: ‘I’m a real artist. I know 3 gallerists. I speak 2 languages, fought for 27 years have 4 children and no work for 27 years. But I only want one job.’”

I can hear the violins.


Chalk Artist Sues NYPD

Chalk artist Ellis Gallagher is suing the New York Police Department for alleged “constitutional and civil rights violations.” Gallagher is suing the city for $1 million.

Via Gothamist and The Brooklyn Paper.


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