Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Texas homeowner uncovers Sol Lewitt, er…artwork?

Well, the usual Conceptual Art question applies here: How exactly do we understand the physical manifestation of Conceptual Art?

Artsy’s Isaac Kaplan has more.


Should the Trump-commissioned border wall prototypes be national monuments?

MAGA adviser Sergio Munoz Sarmiento comments on ‘Fox & Friends First.



Metropolitan Museum Says Non-New Yorkers Will Have to Pay Admission

The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced today that it has changed its admissions policy, which as of March 1 requires non-New Yorkers to pay a fixed entry fee.

So much for the public good. More here.


School principal destroys images of art containing nudity


François Boucher, Brown Odalisque (1745). Courtesy of the Louvre.

At the school, principal Jeni Buist was found destroying the pictures of nude works from the Art Box and other publications in the school library. “She said she was putting the postcards and paintings in the shredder at the request of the school district so they wouldn’t be distributed again,” sheriff Chad Jensen

More here.


Marvel gives fans limited permission to create comics

We don’t have a problem with content owners dictating, via licensing, how we can and cannot use their content. What we do have a problem with is the romantic belief that art is somehow outside of the law. If lawyers (overly cautious and risk-averse as they are) make for bad art, 2017 has shown us that museums and art schools aren’t far behind.


With new tax plan, consider giving before end of 2017

For those who want to give, it is more important than ever to donate with your heart and your mind. …Right now, consider donating before Dec. 31. You are more likely to itemize deductions when you file your 2017 taxes than under the new law, so what you give now could be more valuable to you this year than next. And it will help your favorite charity steady itself for an unpredictable future.

If you’re looking to donate to a good art and law charity, consider giving to The Art & Law Program. More info on The Art & Law Program here.

More via the LA Times.


Want one exhibition to look forward to in 2018?

Here’s one, Bruce Nauman at MoMA.

I recall back in 1994 touring MFA schools in the California region, and I made it a point to stop in Los Angeles and see Nauman’s exhibition at MoCA. The other, incidentally, was Mike Kelley at LACMA. Neither disappointed. 23 years later, or 24 to be exact, the Schaulager and MoMA are bringing Nauman back for another retrospective.

I’m lucky I’ll most likely get to see it at MoMA, but even if it wasn’t at MoMA, Nauman’s show would be one good reason to fly to Switzerland.





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