Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fans Who Risk Death for the Art of Heavy Metal

Not that any of this will change the attitude of the West’s self-appointed metropolitan tastemakers, who sneer at metal’s working-class roots, melodramatic stage antics and anthemic choruses. But it is precisely these elements that authoritarian regimes find so threatening: thousands of potentially disenfranchised young men exorcising their aggression in the mosh pit while discovering the power of their collective voice as they sing along to tracks encompassing everything from politics (think Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’) to the occult..

The power of music. More here.


Settlement Draws Near in Vivian Maier Copyright Fight

Part of the legal saga surrounding the estate of Vivian Maier is drawing to a close a year and a half after it began. The Cook County public administrator, which since late 2014 has been administering the deceased photographer’s estate, is close to finalizing an agreement with John Maloof, the man who owns the majority of her known work.

Here are my previous thoughts on this. New story via Hyperallergic.


Hitler’s Sketches of Potential Nazi Logos

From the archives of the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance, Munich. Via ClassicPics on Twitter. According to their Twitter handle, ClassicPics tweets historical photos of the good and bad, fun and sad moments from bygone times.


Getty Faces Discrimination Lawsuit over Multicultural Internship Program

A discrimination lawsuit filed by Samantha Niemann against the Getty Foundation alleges she was denied an undergraduate internship with the institution because she is white. In the lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court,  Niemann accused Getty of violating her civil rights, racial discrimination and harassment as well as retaliation. She seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

Hyperallergic has an interesting take on this lawsuit.

A survey conducted by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in 2015 found that 72% of the staff at American art museums are non-Hispanic whites. That number goes beyond the general American population, which is 62% non-Hispanic white. A closer look reveals that 84% of non-Hispanic whites dominate positions that contribute to the “intellectual and educational mission of museums,” such as directors, curators, conservators, etc. This means that, of the people in underrepresented groups — mostly communities of color — who work at museums, nearly half of them do so within departments that oversee security, facilities, and finance.

More here.


Art Collectors Under Scrutiny in New York Tax Probe

With results this profitable, it is likely that NYS investigations of art transactions will continue. Heads up!

More here, via Forbes.


Art, Law and Aesthetics Conference Video Available Online


If you’re interested in aesthetics and law, here’s link to the video (mp4) of a panel I was part of on art and law this past March as part of the Questioning Aesthetics Symposium at the Rhode Island School of Design.

I was joined by two great presenters, Brian Soucek and Stephano Bloch. Check it out.


Court Rules Food Theft ‘not a Crime’ If Hungry

Image courtesy of Eric Pouhier, via Wikipedia, License CC BY-SA 2.5.

Homeless man in Paris. Image courtesy of Eric Pouhier, via Wikipedia, License CC BY-SA 2.5.

An Italian court overturned a theft conviction against Roman Ostriakov after he stole cheese and sausages worth $4.50 (€4.07; £3) from a supermarket. Ostriakov, a homeless man of Ukrainian background, had taken the food “in the face of the immediate and essential need for nourishment”, the court decided.

Appropriation by necessity.



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