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Is Silence Golden? Ethics and Intellectual Property Law Symposium

Fordham Law School’s Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal Presents:

Is Silence Golden? Ethics and Intellectual Property Law Symposium

When: Friday, November 5th, 2010
Time: 9:30am-3:45pm
Where: James B.M. McNally Amphitheatre, Fordham Law School, NY, NY

Three Panels:

The Ethics of Take Down Notices Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Revisiting the Doctrine of Inequitable Conduct Before the Patent and Trademark Office

The Rise of Unbranding in Trademark Law

For more information on guest speakers and topics, click here.


Tracy Emin Forger Jailed

This is the week of forgeries and frauds. The Guardian reported today that and individual by the name of Jonathan Rayfern was jailed today for 16 months after selling forgeries of works by the artist Tracey Emin, for approximately $41,500 (£26,000). Rayfern made at least 11 fakes after working alongside Emin at her gallery in London in order to study her methods. He sold the forgeries to two unsuspecting buyers on eBay.

More via The Guardian.


Forged Andrew Wyeth Painting Seized

The FBI Wilmington Resident Agency and the FBI Art Crime Team seized a forgery of Andrew Wyeth’s Snow Birds. The fraudulent painting had been placed for sale at a major auction house in New York. Initial estimates placed its value at between $300,000 and $500,000. The actual Snow Birds painting was painted by Andrew Wyeth in 1970.

The seizure was announced yesterday by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware.

Via FBI Website.


Fake Art Auctioneer Sent to Prison

A US TV auctioneer who helped to sell $20m in forged art to more than 10,000 customers has been sentenced to five years in prison. Via the BBC.


Sérgio Muñoz Sarmiento on WBAI Radio

I’ll be on NYC’s WBAI Radio (99.5 FM) on Friday, Nov.5th, speaking with radio host and friend Susan Lee about legal issues for artists. The show is called You and Your Money, and runs from 10:30am to 11am. We’ll be covering a bit of everything: from contracts, corporations, and LLCs, to copyright, contracts, and artist/gallery relationships. You can listen in via web here.

I’ll also be at speaking to The Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Society (IPELS) of the New York University School of Law tomorrow about art law with law students while enjoying a great lunch and drinks. They’re a super group with intelligent and challenging questions, and always fun and exciting to speak with. Really looking forward to both!


Hells Angels Not Happy With Trademark Infringement


If there is one logo in the world you shouldn’t mess with, it’s the Hells Angels logo. Saks, Zappos, and Alexander McQueen Trading Ltd. don’t seem to agree.

The Hells Angels have sued the three parties above in the Central District of California for trademark infringement, claiming the three parties violate the Hells Angels trademarks by using their name and death’s head on apparel and accessories, like the ring featured above. I’m sure the Angels’ counsel has thought of this, but if they’re using the Angels’ trademark on yuppie apparel, why not add dilution and tarnishment to the claim?

You can read a bit more info on the complaint here. Via Courthouse News Service.


Copyright Issues For Websites

Entrepreneur’s online magazine has a good (and brief) little article on copyright issues and websites. Although it’s not art specific, many artists and art galleries may find this information useful (ie- it’s in layman’s terms). The article also points to a few online tools to ensure that copy on your site doesn’t belong to someone else–and to guard your own intellectual property from non-fair use taking by others. Read the article here.


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