Wednesday, December 13, 2017

“Maybe I’ll have Ross paint a picture of the seven-figure check that Mary paid me to settle.”

Actor Alec Baldwin tells The New Yorker quite a bit regarding art dealer Mary Boone’s recent seven-figure settlement concerning his lawsuit against her for fraud. Background here.


Olga Viso steps down as Executive Director of the Walker Art Center

The board of trustees of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota has announced that Olga Viso is stepping down from her post as the institution’s executive director. The board will create a search committee for a new executive director.

The self-censorship fiasco probably didn’t help. More here.


Laura Owens responds to protesters

During the VIP opening of the midcareer survey of Laura Owens at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York on Wednesday, November 8, protesters took to the streets and banners and protested Owens’ art space in Los Angeles. Owens had this to say,

In February of 2017 for the first time a few protestors came to an event we hosted, falsely implying that the space is linked to developers and is directly responsible for the displacement of low income residents. I respect people’s right to protest in a safe and non-violent manner and to have their voices heard. While we disagreed with their rhetoric and accusations, we shared the goal to create a more just housing market.

Read Owens’ entire letter, here.


Mary Boone settles lawsuit with Alec Baldwin

With Baldwin getting at least $1million and three artworks by Ross Bleckner.


Jury finds against developer in closely watched art vs. property case

The six-person jury found that real estate developer Gerald Wolkoff and his related companies broke the law when, in 2014, he whitewashed the 5Pointz graffiti mecca in Long Island City in the middle of the night. However, the jury decision will serve only as a recommendation to the case’s presiding judge, Frederick Block, who has yet to hand down a final verdict and assess whether any damages must be paid.

Eileen Kinsella has more here.


Judge clears way for Berkshire Museum to sell-off artworks

Overview here. As an added bonus, here’s a link to Donn Zaretsky’s shredding of the anti-deaccessionists. (If you’re not familiar with Zaretsky, he’s the founder and president of the Deaccessioning Hall of Fame.)


How would the proposed changes to estate taxes and capital gains impact the art market?

A brief but good overview of two proposed changes to U.S. tax laws and how they would impact the art market.


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