Friday, June 23, 2017

The 7th Circuit on “The Art of the Intellectual Property Shakedown”

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals also opines on “access,” “substantial similarity,” and why some home designs do not infringe on other home designs.


Get the Art Out!

Here’s a great example of how legislators can think myopically. Germany’s recent law regulating the export of valuable artworks is having (un)intended consequences. The law, “passed in July 2016, stipulates that owners of works of art worth more than €150,000 [~$169,000 USD] must obtain an export license for work to be shipped out of the European Union.” Rather than keeping works in, the law is forcing collectors to ship their artworks out. Ausgezeichnet!


The Apocalyptic Basquiat Sale?

Interesting read here.


Taryn Simon on Counterfeit Goods

With Contraband (2010), she presents a selection of images from her photographic archive of 1,075 items confiscated by US customs and postal service officials. Simon lived at the airport for an entire week photographing an eclectic array of items.

We Have a License to Use the Work

No scuffle here. Jeff Koons has licensed the rights to the Seated Ballerina.


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Gardner Museum Doubles Reward for Recovery of Stolen Masterpieces.


Is Projecting Anti-Trump Texts Onto Trump Hotel Walls Trespass?

Legal scholar Eugene Volokh says, “It turns out that the answer is probably not.”

And what about projecting anti-Islam, pro-life, anti-gay, anti-semitic, or pro-cop texts? Probably still the same answer.

But, asks the eminent Volokh, do these projections run afoul of nuisance laws?  You can read the answer here.



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