Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mexico’s Museo Jumex Cancels Hermann Nitsch Exhibition

Hermann Nitsch

Hermann Nitsch

According to Artnet News:

The Museo Jumex in Mexico City has suspended an exhibition by the controversial Austrian artist after an online petition asking for its cancellation gathered over 5,000 signatures.

Nitsch’s Marc Straus gallery comments, here.


NY Art Galleries’ Records Subpoenaed

Several art galleries and dealers have received subpoenas from the Manhattan district attorney’s office requesting sales and shipping records, according to lawyers for the businesses, suggesting that investigators may be revisiting the issue of whether galleries and collectors are properly paying sales tax for art sold in New York[.]

Don’t get excited, this doesn’t mean there will be regulation of the art market any time soon, but what it does highlight is how collectors and art galleries–presumably all politically liberal–don’t exactly practice what they preach.

Via The NY Times.



CAA to Publish Its ‘Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts’


This coming Monday, February 9th, and we’re at the edge of our seats! In all seriousness, we’re curious to read what these “best practices” are given that fair use in this country is the quintessential definition of complete clusterfuck.


Bruguera to Do Hard Time for Another 60 Days


As we reported earlier on our Twitter Page, radical entrepreneur, artist and protester Tania Bruguera will not be drinking any Cuba libres anytime soon.

According to the LA Times:

she will have to remain in Cuba for at least 60 more days as prosecutors weigh charges against her, according to a statement issued by her sister Deborah Bruguera and the artist’s activism organization #YoTambienExijo (#IAlsoDemand).

If you can’t do the time…don’t do the crime.


Los Angeles Gallery Modeled After Unabomber Cabin

Collector and artist Danny First has built a 10-by-12-foot gallery in his Hancock Park backyard using the exact shape and dimensions of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski’s Montana cabin.

Via The LA Times.


Graffiti Artist Sues Developer Alleging Copyright Infringement

Craig Anthony Miller — who also goes by the tagger name “CAM” — sued the Toll Brothers last Wednesday for using images of his artwork to help sell nearby luxury condos. We think keyboards these days should just have a “copyright infringement lawsuit” key.


Nestlé Claims Trademark Infringement Against Artist

On the subject of yours truly being quoted, I’ve been meaning to post on this ArtFCity article regarding yet another intellectual property dispute between a mega-corporation and a visual artist.


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