Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Auction Houses in Copyright Dispute Over Collector Data

It appears Christie’s and Heritage auction houses will battle it out over who owns collector data. Given how hot the art market is, the financial value placed on numbers, data and statistics seems as important as the art works themselves.

More via the AP.


Copyright Law Might Get an Update

Lawmakers have revealed the first major copyright update proposals. Updates seem to include more searchable technology, the inclusion of a small claims board within the Copyright Office, and a 10-year term limit for the Register of Copyrights.

According to the Copyright Office, there will be more changes to come, along with proposals on music licensing.





US Supreme Court to Decide Whether “Offensive” Names Trademark Case

Oregon band “The Slants” had their name refused for trademark registration for being “offensive.” The USPTO accuses the name of being disparaging to Asian-Americans, to which the Asian-American band argues they are re-appropriating the term. The band sued, and the case has made it up to the Supreme Court.

It will be interesting to see if this case impacts the infamous Washington Redskins debate.




Does Art Identification Regulation Violate Free Speech?

Oklahoma photographer, Peggy Fontenot, is challenging a state law, saying it:  “violates her constitutional rights to free speech and to earn a living by prohibition her from truthfully describing her work as ‘American Indian-made.’”

The state has the American Indian Arts and Crafts Sales Act, which prohibits who can label their work “American Indian-made.” Fontenot’s tribe, the Patawomeck, is not recognized by the state of Oklahoma or the federal government.


“The Slants” Brief Filed with SCOTUS Today

And it’s available here.


Art & Law Program Applications Due Dec. 16th


The Art & Law Program is now accepting applications for its spring 2017 term on a Rolling Basis. The Rolling Admissions deadline is December 16, 2016.

Applicants who apply through Rolling Admissions can expect to receive a decision from the Program 1 to 2 weeks after their application is received. The Program’s admissions process is competitive—as each year they get many more applications than they have spaces for, so if you’d like to increase the likelihood of acceptance or need to know of an acceptance or rejection as soon as possible, obviously the sooner you apply the better it is for you. Non-US based applicants are strongly encouraged to apply sooner rather than later.

In more exciting news, the spring 2017 seminars will be held at the Cornell Art Architecture Planning headquarters at 26 Broadway in New York City.

Application info may be found here. For a list of seminar leaders, click here.


The Impact of the Visual Artists Rights Act on Art Insurance

Interesting article on some of the pitfalls of restoring a living artist’s work. Via Lexology.

Read here


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