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Kenny Schachter on Richard Prince’s “Disavowal”

Probably the most concise and rational response to Richard Prince’s recent attempt at political protest.  Tweet

With All Due Respect, Madam. We Do Not Live In France

Eugene Volokh  ”was surprised to see this letter, sent by French lawyer Vanessa Bouchara — representing Getty Images France — to Matthew Chan.” His response, The First Amendment, of course.   Tweet

The Rise In University Art Museums

This multi-million-dollar investment in culture is fuelled by several factors: administrators’ recognition that the arts can promote nimble thinking, student demand and donor co-operation. Via The Art Newspaper. Tweet

Mayan Groups Aim to Protect Their Weavings via Intellectual Property

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“It’s cool, Anish can have his black. But the rest of us will be playing with the rainbow!”

Pinkest pink pigment creator, Stuart Semple, is keeping Anish Kapoor from owning the rainbow (or at least hot pink). Kapoor isn’t very happy, posting his distaste at this denial on his Instagram feed. Can’t we all just get…
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Daniel Grant’s List of Famously Unknown Artists

For a while now we’ve been saying that the so-called “art world” is becoming more and more “legalized,” that is, informed and infected by the law. This is for the better and the worse. Arts writer Daniel Grant takes a look…
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Warhol Buys Campbell’s

This is one great image of Warhol buying Campbell’s soup cans. Tweet