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What If Emotions Could Be Used to Buy Art?

An Auction Based on Emotions. That’s what it’s called. You can read more about this project here. It would surprise only a few to hear me say that on its face the project itself leaves much to be desired. What is of…
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Artists Beware: More Dead People Getting Rights of Publicity

They already do, but not in all states. However, as this brief article points out, some states (like Arizona and Massachusetts) are granting certain dead individuals certain “property” rights to their name, likeness, and at…
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Covers of Covers

The New Yorker on copying and inspiration in books. Tweet

Now Accepting Applications for the 2015 Art & Law Program

Applications for the 2015 Art & Law Program are now being accepted. Read more
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Damage & Destruction in Contemporary Art

Here’s my latest essay, “Damage, Inc.,” commissioned by Art Asia Pacific, on violence against art as a form of art (and culture). Tweet

When Cancellations Become Form: Interview with Triple Candie

Here’s the transcript of the interview I did with Triple Candie regarding their project at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, “I Cancel All My Works at Death,” on James Lee Byars. The interview is also accessible…
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You Cannot Speak About Contents in the Exhibition

No one can talk about the contents in the room. Period. That is the unyielding underlying principle of The Social Contract (2007– ), a project conceived by Jacqueline Riva and Geoffrey Lowe, who together form the…
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