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Do We Really Own the Tats on Our Bodies?

Many of us function under the assumption that tattoos on our bodies are ours to display in any form we wish. Intellectual property lawsuits regarding the rights of tattoo artists have begun to highlight a number of questions…
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Artist Suing Police for Violating her Constitutional Rights

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Idaho and Co-counsel have filed a lawsuit against Idaho State Police on behalf of the Visual Arts Collective, Alley Repertory Theater, and performance artist Anne McDonald….
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Proposed Law will Protect International Art Loans from US Court Jurisdiction

According to many museum professionals, certain countries are reluctant to loan works of art to arts institutions in the United States due to ongoing ownership or provenance questions. A recent bill sent to Senate for…
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Rock Band and Football Team Continue Trademark Fight Against Government

Their battle concerns the right to register “disparaging” trademarks. According to the Washington Post, The Supreme Court could decide as early as this month whether to hear the dispute involving the Portland, Oregon-area…
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The Sexiness of Law in Art and Fashion

The sexiness of law has been here for some time, certainly in art as witnessed in the work of some contemporary artists. Lay folk like this (both makers and receivers); it’s their way of “addressing” law without really…
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Grey Areas in Fair Use Defense Continuously Confuse Artists

Products featuring George Bush’s artwork have been removed from the Society6 webpage. Mashable suggests, per Cariou v. Prince, the artist of the Bush inspired works could argue fair use. Just as a start to addressing this…
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Revisiting: Jill Magid and Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento on Cultural Property

If you missed the original conversation back in February of 2014, or haven’t seen the video of that conversation, we’re revisiting the chat between Sarmiento and Magid on access to cultural property. Check it out! Tweet