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Battle Over August Sander Estate?

Or is it merely a misunderstanding as to what an “estate” is, legally and colloquially? Tweet

“The Left Has Shanghaied Copyright”

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Can the “artworld” Resist President Trump? Don’t Count On It.

The Washington Post’s Tom Rachman shoots several zingers and comedy and farce that “political art” has become. Example number one: “Today, ‘politicized artist’ is as likely to evoke a whiny, entitled, bobble-headed…
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NY’s Met Museum Makes Images Availble, Free of Charge

All images of public-domain artworks in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection — about 375,000 — are now free for anyone to use however they may please. Via the NY Times. Tweet

“The Artist…doesn’t want to be a corporate soul.”

The NY Times has an interesting story this morning on the increasing institutional battles over artists’ estates. As we’ve said before, there is a way to keep an artist’s estate viable without losing artists’ rights and…
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Mark Bradford’s Venice Biennale Project Includes Prisoners

Mark Bradford will launch a community-based programme during the 57th Venice Biennale this summer for Italian prisoners, enabling both male and female offenders to re-enter society. Via The Art Newspaper. Tweet

Protesting Trump, Christo Cancels Art Project

Will be interesting to see what other artists do, or don’t do, in protest of Trump. Via The Art Newspaper. Tweet