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Want to Deface a Banksy Mural? Think Again

It could cost you five months of jail time, probation, and $13,000 restoration fees.  Tweet

“The fair-­use privilege … is not designed to protect lazy appropriators.”

I’ve been called a lot of things (including, “lawyer”), but one thing I can be proud of is never having been called a liar. I’ve been saying that appropriation-for-appropriation’s sake is nothing but pure formalist…
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Distraction, an Artist’s and Lawyer’s Best Friend

“It’s to keep living in a way one wants to live and work; to distract constructively; to distract in ways that are in themselves satisfying; to do things that are intrinsically gratifying,” he says. “Melancholy is…
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What can law do to stop nude celebrity ‘art’ photos from floating around?

Apparently, not much. Read more
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Texas Will Allow Prada Marfa to Stay

After nearly a year of negotiations, the Texas Department of Transportation has reached an agreement with Ballroom Marfa that will save the Prada Marfa art installation by Elmgreen & Dragset by classifying it as a…
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The Battle of Booklyn (not a typo)

Having two entities using the same word to identify similar services (books and reading) is likely a problem. I was confused. It doesn’t matter that both entities are nonprofits. Here’s my latest ink on a trademark battle…
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Art & Law Drops in on SUNY Oswego

I gave a couple of talks yesterday at SUNY Oswego. My first was on contracts, IP and business entities for artists. The other talk was an artist talk on my projects. For the latter I focused on my 2000- present work and got…
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