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The Impact of the Visual Artists Rights Act on Art Insurance

Interesting article on some of the pitfalls of restoring a living artist’s work. Via Lexology. Read here Tweet

Law Defining Art Gets an Update

Artist Bjarne Melgaard was stopped by Norway’s customs officials, who argued his 16 works did not constitute art. This is all too familiar after the infamous 1928 lawsuit Brancusi vs. United States,…
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Why Does Gerhard Richter Destroy His Own Artwork?

German artist, Gerhard Richter, one of the most famous living contemporary artists today, has destroyed over 89 of his own pieces. While it may sound familiar to hear of an artist completing a work and promptly painting over…
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Art & Law Program One of Eight Solid Alternatives to a Costly MFA

The Art & Law Program has been listed as one of eight solid alternatives to MFA art programs. You can read more about it here and here. Tweet

New Advanced Art Recovery Database Launched

Art Recovery International has launched a new database to protect and preserve cultural heritage. The database is called “Artive” and it will be the first non profit to identify issues and consolidate data on “at-risk,…
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Lawsuit Over Wrongly Attributed Work

In October, Armenter ‘Bo Carter’ Chatmon filed a lawsuit claiming his work was wrongly attributed to another artist. On Eric Clapton’s 1992 album Unplugged, Clapton attributed songwriter credit for “Alberta” to…
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Web Service Trolling for Copyright Infringement on Behalf of Artists

Website, Pixsy, is now offering a service to artists in which they will secure payment for photographers from alleged infringers by esentially reverse image searching a work. The cost, in addition to any cost of joining,…
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