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Copyright and Free Speech at the Supreme Court?

The Supreme court has been petitioned to overrule the Ninth Circuit’s ruling in the infamous “dancing baby” case where it was decided “no matter how unreasonable that belief,” copyright holders could use their own…
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The Peter Doig Case In A Nutshell

Amongst the ongoing challenges of art authentication that have come up in recent news, namely concerning art foundations, one would think at the very least that the word of the artist affirming that the work was or was not…
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Can Destroying Cultural Objects be Prosecuted as a War Crime?

On August 22 the International Criminal Court prosecuted Malian Islamic extremist, Ahmad al-Faqi al Mahdi, for a war crime. Faqs’s criminal activity, to which he pleaded guilty, was the destruction of Sufi shrines in…
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NPR on the Surreal Story of…Who is the Author of This Painting?

I’m quoted in this NPR story regarding the case of Doige vs. Doig, or rather, who made this painting? Tweet

Four Letter Word for: What is a Jointly Held Work?

A 91-year-old visitor to the Neues Museum, Hannelore K., filled in an empty crossword that was part of an artwork by Arthur Köpcke. According to her lawyer, Ms. K. was following the instructions “insert words” and is…
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Can Your Tattoo Artist Sue When Your Body is Depicted in a Video Game?

The relationship between tattoos and art law is often a topic of discussion. In most recent news, Solid Oak Sketches is suing the designers of video game NBA 2K16, Take-Two Interactive, for animating basketball…
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Update in Peter Doig Case

Peter Doig faced a courtroom on Monday to prove an artwork attributed to him by it’s owner is not his. If he fails to do so, the owner seeks both damages of at least $5 million and for Doig’s official authentication of the…
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