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Home Is Where the Internet Connection Is: Law, Spam, and the Protection of Personal Space, by Andrea Slane

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Avant-Garde, Kitsch and Law, by Anthony Chase

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Imminent Lawless Action: Buck-Morss v. Enwezor

This essay argues that the seemingly disparate concepts of art and law are connected by the question of dissent and its its own juridico/linguistic limitation. It is my contention that at this stage of our global order, the only space left for an artistic practice is that of questioning institutional frameworks through and against the language of law.

If in fact the United States is our current version of Empire, then it is precisely through a cultural production informed by but not limited to Western artistic notions of the avant-garde that the questioning of U.S. laws, the U.S. Constitution and their global materialization will be elucidated.

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Interview with Law Professor Eduardo M. Peñalver, on Art, Law and Property

This interview took place over email exchanges between December 20, 2005 and January 3, 2006. In this interview, Law Professor Eduardo M. Peñalver talks in part about property law, the legal differences between real and intellectual property, and the relationship of these discourses to art and cultural production.

In trying to ascertain the relationship between law and cultural production, I decided to approach scholars and practitioners who had practical, theoretical, and philosophical experience with the impact of law on art. Although there are many art theorists, art historians, and art practitioners who have a wealth of experience in their respective fields, I have chosen to approach this investigation from the viewpoint of a field traditionally excluded from studies of visual culture, art, and art history. I can only hope that this experiment proves me right. — Sergio Muñoz-Sarmiento

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Postcards & Billboard Project: Chinatown, NYC

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Aesthetic Property Project

“Solving [the mystery of capital] requires an understanding of why Westerners, by representing assets with titles, are able to see and draw out capital from them. One of the greatest challenges to the human mind is to comprehend and to gain access to those things we know exist but cannot see. Not everything that is real and useful is tangible and visible.”

-Hernando de Soto, The Mystery of Capital, (2000)

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