Copyright Angers Little Marxists


The Marxist Internet Archive (and all the little Marxists around the world) are extremely upset that Lawrence & Wishart, an independent and self-described leftist publisher, is flexing its intellectual property rights muscle and asking the Archive to remove infringing material of…get this…Marx/Engels works, by April 30th, a day before May Day.

Here’s what one of the little red-flag waiver,Scott McLemee, had to say, “But the idea that most of their work is going to be removed from the website on May Day is just grotesque.”

Apparently the little Marxists find it odd that a leftist publisher would enforce its copyrights, apparently because, you know, money to pay writers, editors, staff, printing, distribution and all other operational costs just falls from the sky.

Techdirt’s Mike Masnick wonders if copyright is, fundamentally (and ironically I might add), a Marxist approach to control.

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