On Artist Residencies and VLAs Art & Law Residency Program

I’ll be on an arts panel on Friday, June 24th, at the Goethe Institute in New York City. The panel, Artist Residencies & Conflict Areas, organized by Residency Unlimited, engages artists, independent arts organizations, residency programmers, and community initiatives on specific areas and conceptions of conflict. Issues for discussion will include mobility, community outreach, and exchange of knowledge through the broadly-interpreted artist residency model.j

I’ll specifically be speaking about the impetus behind and origin of VLAs Art & Law Residency Program, and how it differs from and mirrors past and current artist residencies.

Here’s a break-down of the two-day event. On June 24, the panel examines the topic of art residencies & conflict areas from a broad perspective and on June 25, the format allows participants and audience members to “zoom in” on the topic using four mini-case studies about identifying conflict in a given community context, an area of growth that the artist residency sector must embark upon in order for the social practice of artist residents to be relevant to the communities in which artist residencies are accommodated. This is immediately followed by questions/observations from the moderators, after which the discussants (project leaders) form a panel to answer questions from the floor about the cases and/or questions about projects held by audience members.


Panel discussions

06/24/11 – 06/25/11

Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building

5 East 3rd Street

New York, NY 10003

Free admission

Tel.: +1 (212) 439-8700

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