Is Hollywood Partly to Blame for Illegal File-Sharing?

I posted last month on The Hurt Locker producers and their multi-pronged copyright lawsuits against pirates, illegal downloaders, and BitTorrent. Property Outlaws author Eduardo Peñalver posts his views on this lawsuit, countering viewpoints that analogize internet downloading with home invasion via a critique of Hollywood culture.

Hollywood does all it can to make the symbols and stories it peddles an essential part of our cultural lexicon.  But when royalties are at stake, it is quick to say that no one really needs to consume the product it produces.  It seems to me that our needs go beyond the provision of food and water and include access to a shared culture, which, given our system of cultural production, means access to intellectual property.  On the other hand, I have no doubt that many file-sharers are likely people who could afford to pay for their access to that culture.

Via PrawfsBlawg.

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