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Interview with Tom Lawson, Dean of CalArts School of Art

This interview took place the glorious sunny afternoon of October 7, 2006, at the Spain Restaurant in Los Angeles, California, hours before the New York Mets swept the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the National League Division Series. The interview covers a wide range of questions: from Lawson’s artistic career, deanship at CalArts, and writing publications, to Lawson’s current thoughts on contemporary art, art pedagogy and the impact of market forces on artistic production.

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Memoirs of a Gusano: Cuba, Private Property and the Punctum

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On Urban Renewal, Saatchi, and Reterritorialized Markets

An interesting week for visual culture, law, and community formation as elucidated by digital and real-property mediums. The New York Times reported on December 18, 2006, on Charles Saatchi’s ever-popular “Stuart,” his online website analogous to the now edificed, The day before the New York Times also reported on Houston, Texas’ Project Row Houses, a project initiated and run by Rick Lowe.

While Saatchi’s project raises more legal questions than interesting propositions, Project Row Houses manage to invoke and critique both.

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Michael Asher: MoCA Chicago 1979


For this installation, Asher proposed that the two horizontal rows of aluminum panels on either side of and on the same level as the Bergman Gallery windows should be removed from the facade and placed on an interior wall of the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.


Arguing that this project “points to the conditions in which architecture and art, as practices, have become irreconcilable,” Asher believes that the only similarity between these two practices is ultimately stylistic.


On Giorgio Agamben’s State of Exception

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The Better Futures of Architecture, by Roberto Mangabeira Unger

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On Law, M&M’s, and the Panopticon: The Work of Donny Johnson

Ruben Verdu’s project raises timely issues not only of incarceration, confinement and the state apparatus, but also of sovereignty and expression.

An apt and current example of the functions of such state power is the recent case of Donny Johnson, a 46 year-old prisoner in California’s maximum security prison Pelican’s Bay.

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