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Avant-Garde, Kitsch and Law, by Anthony Chase

Fifty years ago, in the Fall 1939 issue of Partisan Review, Clement Greenberg published an essay titled, Avant-Garde and Kitsch. (1) Described by his editors at the time as “a young writer who works in the New York customs…
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Imminent Lawless Action: Buck-Morss v. Enwezor

This essay argues that the seemingly disparate concepts of art and law are connected by the question of dissent and its its own juridico/linguistic limitation. It is my contention that at this stage of our global order, the…
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Interview with Law Professor Eduardo M. Peñalver, on Art, Law and Property

This interview took place over email exchanges between December 20, 2005 and January 3, 2006. In this interview, Law Professor Eduardo M. Peñalver talks in part about property law, the legal differences between real and…
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Postcards & Billboard Project: Chinatown, NYC

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Aesthetic Property Project

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2006 Rose Bowl Flea Market Biennale

The 2006 Rose Bowl Flea Market Biennale took place on Sunday, October 8th, 2006 at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, California. This was the second of an ongoing Flea Market Biennal Series initiated and organized by…
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