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Tattoo artists beware, you may have just granted a non-exclusive license

Tweet The tattoo-copyright-ownership debate still rages on (or maybe not quite a rage but a debate no-less). Big decision last week from the Southern District of New York on whether or not a video game company can appropriate tattoos on athletes for use in video games. In brief, the answer is, yes. “Here, the undisputed […]


Copyright problems in tattoo and graffiti art

Tweet This is a great article on the copyright issues raised by tattoo art. It also made me think that the four “bizarre outcomes” listed by copyright guru, David Nimmer, are similar in the area of graffiti art (at least graffiti done without permission), With particular respect to celebrity and athlete tattoos, magazines, TV networks, […]


Should Tattoos Get Different Copyright Protection?

Tweet That’s the essence of the dispute between a video game developer and the tattoo licensing company. This is one to keep an eye on given the growing number of people getting ink on their bodies.


Can Your Tattoo Artist Sue When Your Body is Depicted in a Video Game?

Tweet The relationship between tattoos and art law is often a topic of discussion. In most recent news, Solid Oak Sketches is suing the designers of video game NBA 2K16, Take-Two Interactive, for animating basketball player’s copyrighted tattoos. Included in this dispute are tattoos on LeBron James and Kobe Bryant’s arms. Evidenced in the lawsuit, Solid Oak Sketches offered […]


The Best Art Tattoos of All Time?

Tweet I mean, who doesn’t want a readymade on their thigh, or Frida Kahlo on their shoulder, right? Got any you’d like to share? Post ’em here.  


Who Owns the Copyright to Your Tattoo?

Tweet Under U.K. law, if designed solely by the tattoo artist, then it’s the artist who owns the copyright. Here’s an interesting take by Catherine Jasserand, PhD researcher at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands: “An idea in itself is not protectable. If the client gives very vague instructions, then it is doubtful that […]


Tattoo Waivers Coming to a Parlor Near You

Tweet   We’ve blogged about tattoos and law quite a few times in the past (just look here). There’s an interesting article in next month’s ABA Journal that cites the probability that tattoo recipients will eventually have to sign a waiver granting the tattoo artists all intellectual property rights. I can see that happening, especially […]


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