Vermont Law School votes to remove or destroy artwork

Section of controversial mural.

I sometimes wonder if law is still taught at law schools.

According to Valley News, the Vermont Law School board of trustees has voted to remove or destroy a mural which its students deem to be “unsettling” and that “perpetuates white supremacy, superiority, and the white savior complex[.]”

The school has given the artist, 74 year old Sam Kerson, ninety days to remove the mural. “If the artist chooses not to remove the mural, the mural will be painted over or otherwise removed,” VLS spokeswoman Nicole Ravlin said.

You may recall that Section 113(d)(2) of the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 calls for the owner of a building to grant the artist ninety days to remove the work or have it removed, but only if the work “can be removed from the building without the destruction, distortion, mutilation, or other modification of the work… .”

Let’s see how this plays out. The law school may want to read up a bit on how the 5Pointz scenario worked out just down the street, in the other woke zone called New York City.

Many thanks for our friend Alfred Steiner for the heads up on this one.