Art & Law Program celebrates 10 years!

Pictured here are the 2010 fellows at Michelle Maccarone Gallery for the artist exhibition.

This month marks the 10th year of the Art & Law Program. The group pictured above is the first class of fellows, whom I thank dearly for putting up with chaos and an unforged path. I learned so much, and still do from each and every class. I think the Program hit its stride around 2014, and since then, like good wine, it’s only gotten better. A huge thanks to all the supporters, especially Cornell Law dean Eduardo Penalver, Cornell Law School, Bob Balder and Brooke Moyse at Cornell AAP in NYC, Lawrence Chua, Paul Pheiffer, Julie Mehretu, John Letourneau, Rachel Carrigan, and Asher all at Denniston Hill, Fordham Law School, and to all the supporters and seminar leaders that have given their time, money, and resources. And of course, and without saying, a very, very heart-felt thank you to Lauren van Haaften-Schick. If there’s anyone who’s been through hell, it’s her. Here’s to another 10!