Felix Gonzalez-Torres on being a spy, an infiltrator

Felix Gonzalez-Torres interviewed by Hans-Ulrich Obrist for the Museum in Progress’s, “Portraits of Artists”. Follow The Felix Gonzalez-Torres Family Archive via Instagram, and via their website. This is very, very rare footage which, as you can see from the comments, allows the viewer to hear Gonzalez-Torres’s voice for the first time.

museum in progress organised the series “Portraits of Artists” (19922001) conversations with international artists who were exhibiting and/or taking part in a symposium in Vienna. The interviews of different lengths were recorded in the blue box with the artists as talking heads face on to the camera and the interviewer’s voice off-screen. The artists usually chose their interview partners themselves, creating a basis of trust between the interlocutors. The artists were also able to choose the background colour, which was added afterwards, and decide which parts of the interview should remain in the final version and which should be edited out. Thanks to this artistic concept, which was conceived by Peter Kogler and museum in progress, the interviews offer authentic portraits of the artists.

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