Monday, September 25, 2023

Jerry Saltz on the last days of the art world

I agree with Saltz on one main difference between previous artist generations and this one. Saltz: “But while my memories of the 1970s make me sure artists will survive, even thrive, under any circumstances, there is one big thing about the world in which they operate that does worry me. Over the last decade or so, the art world in peril has seemed to lose the ability to adapt. Or, rather, it now seems able to adapt only in one way, no matter the circumstances: by growing larger and busier. Expansion and more were the answers to everything.”

Saltz quotes Peter Saul, “there are just too many artists.” Yes, and there are also too many galleries, too many art schools, too many art teachers, too many residencies, too many curators, too many art lawyers, too many critics, too many advisors, too many art fairs, too many of everything. With the added element that we continue to promote and perpetuate the idea that art is Hollywood, full of glamour, riches and spectacle, why would we think it would change for the better if that’s exactly what we want from it? And, let’s face it, in this country, more is always better, right? So why would we think things in the art industry would only get better?

But there is hope, it’s just not where we think it is.


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