“Merry Christmas to all the attorneys.”

Here’s one thing that happens when artists don’t get their estate matters in order. Since the death of artist Robert Indiana,

The law firm of Hogan Lovells LLP, based in London and Washington, D.C. has been paid $1,562,040. The law firm of Venable LLP, based in Washington, D.C., has been paid $1,397,611. Pierce Atwood LLP of Portland has been paid $211,907, Preti Flaherty of Portland has been paid $96,303, LeBlanc & Young LLP of Portland has been paid $16,128, and attorney Kelly Mellenthin has been paid $645.

Attorney James Brannan of Rockland, who represents the estate, has been paid $550,000 as personal representative which includes expenses he has incurred for the estate.

Apparently, the value of Indiana’s estate is approaching $100 million, and expected to go over that amount. Merry Christmas indeed!