Site specific or permanent?

Picked this up via Donn Zaretsky. Case out of Puerto Rico concerning, once again, the question of whether site-specific art is afforded moral rights.

“In a matter of first impression, the District of Puerto Rico held that the PRMRA [Puerto Rico Moral Rights Act], like VARA, does not explicitly mention site-specific works, and therefore legislators did not intend to grant any protection to site-specific art.”

Regarding VARA, most artists, certainly those who accept commissions, design and conceptualize their work according to some architectural dimensions (studio, gallery, museum, etc.). Does this make every artwork site-specific?

Again, under VARA, it seems to me that this case is not so much about site-specificity as it is about whether or not the artwork can be removed.

More here. For Spanish readers, the PRMRA is available here.