Mercedes Benz sues artists, argues no copyright infringement

We’ve seen this before, most recently about a year ago in the H&M v. Jason “Revok” Williams lawsuit. (This case ultimately settled.)

Now we have Mercedes Benz preemptively suing artists Daniel Bombardier, James “Dabls” Lewis, and Jeff Soto and Maxx Gramajo in a Michigan district court arguing that their use of the three artists’ “graffiti” murals in commercials does not infringe the artists’ copyrights or other rights. Mercedes is also asking the court to award Mercedes its costs to bring the lawsuit and attorneys’ fees.

Curious if Mercedes Benz will take this all the way or bow out in settlement. We’ve said before that this legal issue is ripe for courts to answer, so why not now?

More on the lawsuit here (story includes links to the three complaints).