Monkey selfie lawsuit lives on (UPDATE)


Just when Naruto thought he was out, they pull him back in!

Yes, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to dismiss the case and will be issuing an official appellate decision. The Court points out that it does not have to dismiss a case simply because the parties settle. The Court also notes that Naruto (presumably a key plaintiff) was not a party to the settlement, so the Court believes PETA, suing on behalf of Naruto, was up to something.

The Ninth Circuit’s denial of the parties’ motion to dismiss is available here. Interestingly, this past February WIPO Magazine put out an article on the “Monkey Selfie” and copyright law, Can the monkey selfie case teach us anything about copyright law?

UPDATE: May 1, 2018

The Ninth Circuit has weighed in: Animals can’t bring a copyright infringement lawsuit, and PETA has to pay Slater’s attorney’s fees.