The Art & Law Program Announces 2016 Fellows

Art & Law Program seminar srcset=

Art & Law Program seminar on contemporary art, copyright and moral rights.

The Art & Law Program is happy to announce the 2016 Art & Law Fellows. Once again, our decision-making was extremely difficult given our applicant pool. The incoming group includes a broad and diverse range of artistic, intellectual and professional interests, and we very much look forward to working with them.

The 2016 Fellows are:

Isak Berbic

Elizabeth Bick

Donald Hai Phú Daedalus

Damien Davis

Stephanie Greene

Rebecca Kuzemchak

Andria Morales

Kelani Nichole

Jeremy D. Olson

Elise Rasmussen

David Smith

Rob Swainston

You may view their bios here.

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