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Now Accepting Applications for the 2016 Art & Law Program

Applications for the 2016 Art & Law Program are now being accepted. 

Deadline for applications:  October 19, 2015

Going on its 7th year, The Program seeks qualified, open-minded and self-motivated individuals with an interest in the philosophical relationship between art and law. In particular, The Program welcomes candidates who are open to controversial dialogue and who seek to challenge their respective practices and ideological positions. Please note that the Program is not for everyone. Applicants are encouraged to study and fully understand the mission of the Program and speak with alumni regarding the Program’s structure, ideology and expectations of its participants.

Art & Law Program seminar on contemporary art, copyright and moral rights.

Art & Law Program seminar on contemporary art, copyright and moral rights.

In 2016, the Program will cover law and critical theory, tangible and intangible property, technology, drones, language and contracts, international territoriality and jurisdiction, economic and moral rights, the legal system and legal interpretation, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Participants are expected to review dense legal material.

The Program does not focus on traditional and conventional critical theory, but rather investigates how the philosophy and practice of law disturbs the critical theory establishment and creates a new space and discourse for aesthetic and intellectual practices. Nor is the goal of the program to provide a practical overview of legal issues for artists, but instead to investigate broader legal and juridical infrastructures, which may or may not relate to art and art practice – that is for participants to decide.

Application instructions may be viewed hereApplications are due October 19, 2015.

The Program runs from January 19 – April 19, 2016 and will meet at the Triple Canopy space in Brooklyn, New York. Please reserve Monday and Wednesday nights, 6-9pm, for the seminar meetings. The Program concludes with a retreat at Denniston Hill artist residency. The Program welcomes alum and art historian/curator, Lauren van Haaften-Schick as Associate Director of the Program.

The Art & Law Program is an independent organization based out of New York City. For more information on The Program, please view the Program description. Program and application inquiries should be sent via e-mail to:


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