Thursday, September 21, 2023

Law & Ethics Panel: Law, Images, and Information

Image courtesy of Sergio Munoz Sarmiento.  © 2014 Sergio Munoz Sarmiento. All rights reserved.

Image courtesy of Sergio Munoz Sarmiento. © 2014 Sergio Munoz Sarmiento. All rights reserved.

I’ll be on a panel, Law, Images, and Information, this coming Friday, April 25th at The CUNY Graduate Center, Center for Humanities, in New York City, regarding the legal and ethical issues posed by appropriation. Here’s the thesis:

What ethical issues arise when a public square becomes a public library, when a private life becomes a plotline, or an old song is sampled to create a new one? How are the potential legal implications of art-making considered and strategized for by artists and arts organizations? Join us as we explore the intersection of art and law on issues of civil rights, intellectual property, public space, and more. Panelists with diverse backgrounds in modern law and contemporary art will share their disparate perspectives in this conversation, which is part of our year-long Andrew W. Mellon Seminar on Images and Information.

Other presenters include Nate Harrison, Moira Meltzer-Cohen, Ruthann Robson, and Diala Shamas.


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  • Phyllis

    Is there a video or other recording of this and your other presentations/panels. I’m very interested, but here in California.

  • Hi PHyllis,
    Yes, it will be available online soon, so you will be able to access it via internet.
    I will let you know as soon as it’s available. Thank you for the interest…it was a great event!

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