Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Announcing: Three New Art Law Webinars

Legal Issues in Contemporary Art workshop at LMCC led by Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento. (Image courtesy of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council)

Clancco and Fractured Atlas are pleased to announce three new webinars for artists, arts professionals, and attorneys:

I. Should I start an arts nonprofit 501(c)(3)?
Wednesday, September 26.

II. Contracts and Agreements for Visual and Performing Artists
Monday, October 22.

III. Copyright for Visual and Performing Artists
Monday, November 12.

Each webinar will be held from 7-8:30pm EST, with time available for Q&A. You can register and participate from anywhere in the U.S. All webinars will be taught by yours truly, Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, Esq.

You may register for any one webinar separately, or you can get a Three Webinar Session Package for a reduced fee. If you’re a Fractured Atlas member or a Clancco e-Newsletter reader, you also get a reduced fee on any single webinar or three session package!

If you’re interested in starting an arts nonprofit, or were ever curious about how to raise money for your projects without losing ownership over them, you may be interested in ” Should I Start an arts nonprofit 501(c)(3)?

The “Contracts” webinar will cover basics of contracts, as well as must-have language for visual artists, consignment agreements, e-mail and other forms of memorializing agreements. This webinar will also touch on negotiation strategies.

Lastly, the ever-present issue of art and Copyright will be covered in my last webinar, covering the basics of copyright, what is copyrightable and what is not, what is fair use, things to consider when appropriating, and how to protect your own work and how to license it.

All webinars are in collaboration with Fractured Atlas. Hope to “hear” you there!


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