Why Register a Copyright If You Don’t Want to Sue?

Our good friend, Jonathan Bailey, over at his PlagiarismToday blog, gives us three solid reasons. However, I do disagree with his conclusion:

That being said, you probably shouldn’t bother registering your work unless you are ready to sue. You might never need to and probably won’t, but much like carrying a loaded weapon (going back to that analogy once more). If you are going to carry it, you need to be prepared for the possibility you will have to use it. To do so otherwise is simply irresponsible.

Two grave errors with this logic. One, as an artist you never know which image, audio, or text will be a money-maker. Two, you don’t necessarily have to be willing to use the gun if you carry it. The mere sight and possibility of it being used is threat enough, just like a copyright registration or the registration number.

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