Sex, Pornography, and Walt Disney Lawsuits

Disneyland Memorial Orgy. Copyright by Paul Krassner

The Museum of Sex has just launched a new exhibition, Comics Stripped, concerning comic books, sex, and pornography. What caught my attention on this Boing Boing post was the referencing of this cartoon poster by Wally Wood. It’s a parodyic take on the Walt Disney characters having, well, let’s just say, a grand ol’ time. It made me wonder if there had ever been (or will be) any litigation from the Walt Disney Company. The website, Illegal Art, has a bit of info concerning Disney’s decision not to sue, at least not until it was used for commercial reasons. The Atlantic Free Press has more on similar Disney lawsuits here. If anyone has any more background or any news on this, please hook me up.

From The Museum of Sex’s website:

From simple titillation to hardcore representations, comics have a long history of incorporating humor, scandal, fantasy and fun with sex. Originally used as a form of amusement and satire intended for adults, the societal perception of comics as wholesome entertainment geared toward children has made the inclusion of sexual content particularly jarring for portions of the general public.

A color version of Wood’s poster is available from Paul Krasner here.

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