Clancco at NADA Art Fair 2010

Greetings from Miami. We’ve finally found some time for a quick post on the NADA Art Fair opening. Just opened over an hour ago, and people are trailing in. I even bought my first piece, a signed Thurston Moore print. The champagne and coffee is flowing, and the sun is shining!

Here are some pics below of the fair, our booth, and a few other booths we captured on image during a quick preview. Stay tuned on our Twitter feed and here for more posts on the NADA fair.

Karla Ostolaza and Sharmyn Cruz of The Fractal just dropped by, as did art lawyer Peter Stern, The Art Street Journal’s Elisa Carmichael, and Clancco Rose Bowl Biennale artist Jason Brinkerhoff. Stay tuned; lots more to come!

Some NADA press here, and here. We’ve sold six drawings by John Lee, so good start so far. Also, check out Jordan Nassar and Elisa Freudenreich over at Pool Gallery: great photos!

NADA Art Fair 2010

Check-in booth

Clancco NADA Art Fair Booth 2010

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