Monday, May 29, 2023

Hells Angels Not Happy With Trademark Infringement


If there is one logo in the world you shouldn’t mess with, it’s the Hells Angels logo. Saks, Zappos, and Alexander McQueen Trading Ltd. don’t seem to agree.

The Hells Angels have sued the three parties above in the Central District of California for trademark infringement, claiming the three parties violate the Hells Angels trademarks by using their name and death’s head on apparel and accessories, like the ring featured above. I’m sure the Angels’ counsel has thought of this, but if they’re using the Angels’ trademark on yuppie apparel, why not add dilution and tarnishment to the claim?

You can read a bit more info on the complaint here. Via Courthouse News Service.


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  • They are mad as heck and not going to take any more infringement of their valuable designations of origin.

    Thanks Sergio, I love the certain kind of irony in this story! Priceless.

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