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Frida Kahlo, One of the Most Forged?

There’s already a court case over a US publication in November of a book by the independent curator Barbara Levine, which documents more than 1,000 “new” works by Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Now, another batch of “undiscovered” works is being touted around the Mexican capital having been unearthed in a trunk in an antiquarian book shop. The seller of the second batch seeks over $300K.


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  • I will speak of the Mexican case.

    The corruption and misconduct that has existed in Mexico for 20 years had their origins in theft , the society and organization of gangs that control unethical support institutions for artists and education. The best known case is the F.O.N.C.A. (National Fund for Culture and the Arts) and has become an exclusive institution for judges and support their friends and not for society democratically. The leader and representative of this corruption a group of people who use the Mexican government to steal and gain support corrupt people who do not need the support of wealthy people also give support to get a business contact, destroying the law, ethical purity and twenty-first century art.

    For a new ART .
    Art Lawer
    Sonia Martinez

  • For 20 years there is a National Endowment for the Arts in Mexico, which does not always proven to be the exemplary instance, neither democratic nor the most ethical. On the contrary, has amassed a small agency of grants that are shared by a small group of artists, provoking a crisis of differences between the guild of artists in Mexico. Foremost among friends and recommended a very small group of aristocrats to the Mexican, a small oligarchy, which are not necessarily artists, but rather lyrical and Mexico-American yuppies who have managed to sabotage the Mexican revolutionary system. As we know Mexico exists thanks to a revolutionary system that helps minorities and society at large to compete primarily for equality and respect, education and law. This system should be respected and nothing should change or be manipulated by groups of bureaucracies or power groups. Thus the case of F.O.N.C.A. few times that has had complaints about injustices, abuses, prejudices, business support to families of the oligarchy and mainly cases of discrimination and racism must be democratic, will have to abandon the so-called Rupture, will have to support ugly or poor Mexicans and must be truly a National Fund for Culture and Arts. And never again the institution of the Mexican aristocrats that in 20 years have shown its evil and social discrimination.


    For a new ART .
    Art Lawer
    Sonia Martinez

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