Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Texas Pole Tax

Texas is a grand state. It always has been, and that is why we love it. After all, which other state can match this motto: “Fuck you, we’re from Texas!”

In fact, one of the main reasons we look forward to visiting this state is for its renegade status highlighted by its endless thorn bush landscape. It’s only in Texas where so-called strip bars can coexist next to Wal-Marts and waterslides, and where men, and women, can take a load off by gazing at Southern belles and olive Latinas.

Thus, and in all honesty, it’s a bit baffling to find out that Texas has just instituted a “pole tax”: a $5 surcharge to be paid by all visitors wishing to gawk at naked women. Yes, $5 bucks, but keep in mind this is during a time of economic recession and when a lone table dance can run you well into the $25 range (not that we would know). Texas legislators see this as a way to fund programs intended to support victims of sexual assaults. One expects this from California, Massachusetts, or hell, even New York. But Texas?

As The Economist rightly points out, this is a cause worthy of applause, but it rests on faulty cause-effect assumptions. Texas lawmakers were convinced, but unconvinced when a similar tax scheme for strip bars was proposed to help pay for public schools. Apparently it would have passed muster had the public schools taught strip dancing.



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