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2006 Rose Bowl Flea Market Biennale


The 2006 Rose Bowl Flea Market Biennale took place on Sunday, October 8th, 2006 at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, California. This was the second of an ongoing Flea Market Biennal Series initiated and organized by CLANCCO.

CLANCCO is proud to announce that the Rose Bowl Flea Market Biennale was a huge success, bringing shoppers, artists, curators and writers from all over southern California. With over 40 artists participating, the 2nd CLANCCO Swap Meet Biennale raised considerable funds both for its own BluePrint Art & Law Grant, as well as funds for Outpost for Contemporary Art’s mission.

Images of the event are now available on CLANCCO’s Flickr account, available here

The Rose Bowl Flea Market Biennale was organized and funded by Outpost for Contemporary Art. Please continue reading for more information on the CLANCCO Biennale and a list of participating artists.

The “2006 Rose Bowl Flea Market Biennale” is a performative/sculptural installation within a flea market setting, which has taken place in El Paso, Texas and Pasadena, California. The Flea Market Biennale’s are constructed and organized by CLANCCO, with the intent of engaging different towns and cities across the United States.

The Flea Market Projects invite local and international artists to submit items or artworks for sale within the flea market grounds, and within a “sculptstructural” stalls designed and fabricated by CLANCCO. Proceeds from sales will go to Blue Print, an artist’s grant for the study of art and visual culture.



Sky Burchard, Star Rosencrans, Aganetha S. Dyck, Douglas Melini, Ami Brett, Charles Gaines, Andrew Reyes, Channing Hansen, Chris Sollars, Collin Zipp, Christiane Robbins, Dani Tull, David Bunn, Dorit Cypis, Emma J. Bloomfield, Edith Abeyta, Fritz Haeg, Theresia Rosa Kleeman, Adrian Rivas, Gina Osterloh, Paul Robles, neuroTransmitter (Angel Nevarez + Valerie Tevere), Juana Menses, Julian Hoeber, Julie Lequin, Kathryn Van Dyke, Kika Thorne, Kim Schoen, Linda Pollack, Marc Fischer, Paul Druecke, Peter Cole, Renato Garza Cerver, Rebecca Morris, Robert Larkin, Jason Brinkerhoff, Annie Shaw, Shannon Spanhake, Marcy Freedman, Tim Hyde, Tom Lawson, Stephen Prina, Will Rogan, Eric Magnuson, Don Jamón, Javier Piñon, Jim Schatz, Mary Beth Heffernan, Cooper Griggs, Erik Bakke, Christine Wuermell, Kim Schoen, Phil Chang, Bart Exposito, Doug Harvey, Eamon Ore-Giron, Jinhan Ko, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Ronni Kimm, Joaquin Segura, Nathan Danilowicz, Brian Storts, Connel Ray Little, Jordan Biren, Lily Simonson

Please click here for images of each donation by the artists above.

Outpost for Contemporary Art, CLANCCO and Sergio Munoz-Sarmiento sincerely thank all of the participating artists and people who have helped, and are helping, in making this project possible, with a special mention to Emma Bloomfield, Star Rosencrans, Ami Brett, Mary Beth Heffernan, Jimmy Woodhead, Amy Zonis, and the Occidental College Sculpture Facilities, whose invaluable help and knowledge truly have made this possible.


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